You're a bride or groom who got married in Europe and you would love to share your beautiful day with the world? You're a wedding professional and you were a part of a real wedding or styled shoot in Europe and you would love to show our readers your style and expertise?

Technical information

We need at least 15 high resolution photos of the wedding you would like to feature, with a minimum dimension of 1024 x 768px and 300dpi. Not sure if your pictures are the correct size? Send us one example and we'll check it for you. If you don't have high resolution images, please contact your photographer.

We also need to know all the wedding professionals who have contributed to the wedding or styled shoot so we can give them the recognition they reserve. This includes the name of the venue to the name of the company who delivered the cupcakes. Please don't leave anyone out!

If you have a special story about your day, please let us know. We would love to hop on a Skype call to discuss how we can share your story with our readers.

All applications will be reviewed after submission and will be evaluated based on style. We hold the right to request exclusivity for at least one month. We hold the right to schedule your submission in the future if we believe that will be better suited with our content for that period. We hold the right to deny your submission if it does not fit our brand or if a similar wedding has already been featured.