We love Pinterest and we assume you do too. Almost every couple (89%) uses Pinterest to plan their wedding. But there is just so much! And you still have to deal with your wedding budget and following up on your planning. In this article we will share how you can use Pinterest while planning your wedding, without losing focus.

Recently engaged?

Pinterest can offer you so much inspiration. When you’re recently engaged, it’s great to explore what’s going on in wedding land and what your options are. It can help you discover what you like and what you don’t like for your wedding. Create different boards for different aspect of the wedding, for example: colour palettes, wedding styles, dresses, venues etcetera.

TIP: Avoid creating too much boards! When you have a different board for each aspect of your wedding (flowers, hair, shoes, cake, decoration) you will not see how everything will come together. A wedding is the most beautiful when everything is cohesive, so your boards on Pinterest need to be cohesive too. Also, don’t pin too much on your boards. We suggest to pin 30 to 50 photos on each board.

Follow your favorites

Do you really like the photos of a certain photographer? Or do you really like the styling of a certain wedding planner? Follow them! Their pins are probably all in the same style and if your vision is close to that, this is a great way to seek inspiration. 

Don’t lose focus

So, is Pinterest the best way to get inspiration for your wedding? Probably, yes. But once you’ve gotten all the inspiration you need, it’s tempting to go further. At one point, you will see so many ideas you will not know which ones to use for your own wedding anymore. Your boards will become overloaded and the really great ideas you had initially, will be all at the bottom of your board.

The solution? Be selective and be specific! There’s nothing wrong with loving a lot of images, but always evaluate if that image fits your vision and wedding style. For example: if you have a super fancy and chic wedding, a wooden box full of ice and beer bottles may be a fun idea, but it doesn’t fit your wedding style.

Stay close to your own vision

You probably know the hashtag #pinterestperfection. Pinterest shows you the prettiest weddings and decorations, but it’s important to be realistic. Not all images are close to reality. A lot of pictures come from highly styled editorial shoots.

Inside information: these editorial styled shoots only need to include a table-setting for a few people which means the budget for a vase or a candle can be a lot higher than when you need to hire 20 pieces for your wedding. The entire setting can be moved around multiple times just to get the best shot from the best angle. Make sure to keep your budget in mind when pinning!

Another important thing to keep in mind is the season. Pinterest is full of beautiful pink peonies and you may really really really like them, but if they’re not in season, it’s pretty hard to get them. Especially for a reasonable price. Seasonal flowers will not only be easier to get, they will also be less expensive and they will be sourced locally making sure they keep longer throughout the day.

Keep collecting beautiful pictures, but don’t try to copy everything you see exactly like you found it. Make sure there is enough ‘you’ in your actual styling. Do you want to include this on your boards? Take pictures of things that inspire you when walking down the street and upload them to your board. Everything you see and really like, you can upload yourself. It is your wedding so you should also create your personal mood board.

Work with secret boards!

Make all the boards concerning your wedding private. Do you want to show your bridesmaids all your ideas, but not the ideas for favors? Invite them to your general wedding board, but don't invite them to your specific board for wedding favors.

You could make all of your boards public and only keep some specific boards private, but then all of your friends and family would be able to see your boards as well. This could already give them an idea of what your wedding will look like. If you really want to impress them on the day-off, it's best to keep them private.

Whether you keep your boards public or private, there is one board that you should never make public though: your dress board! Even though your hubby-to-be may not be much of a Pinterest fan, you wouldn't want him to stumble across your wedding dress board by mistake, would you? Also make sure you close your Pinterest account on all devices he might be using. Even though it may not be a picture of the actual dress, you still want to 'WOW' him on the day-off, right?

Think out of the box

Don’t only search for wedding-related pictures, but try looking for other sources of inspiration as well. Beauty can be found anywhere in the world so don't limit your inspiration to the wedding industry alone. Inspiration can be found from fashion blogs, interior magazines, travel photographers and so on.

Create a "favourite" board

Get organized! After you have pinned a lot of pictures, you will probably dislike some of the pictures you have pinned in the beginning. Go through the boards and delete the ones you don’t like anymore.

Then create a board with your final picks. Now is the time to make some decisions. Put all the photos you absolute love together on one board and see how everything fits together. Happy? Then you’re ready to start working out your own styling!

Use Pinterest boards for meetings with vendors

Your Pinterest boards are great to show vendors what your wedding styling will be like. It will act as your lookbook. This way, your wedding vendors can easily see how their product/service should look like to fit your wedding style.

Once you have shared your board with a vendor and they have started to work on their service or product, stick to your decisions and don't make any more changes to your boards.

Happy pinning! 

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