Why would you choose a Greek Wedding?

The food

Greece offers a great diversity of delicious food. What should you serve to your guests at your destination wedding? Gyros with tzatziki, fresh-caught seafood like calamaris, roasted lamb, souvlaki, moussaka or goat cheese. Fresh food is everywhere and the fruit is so much sweeter and riper than in the rest of Europe. Think grapes, watermelon, pomegranates and figs.

The festive culture

Greeks love to celebrate! They don’t need a reason either; they just celebrate life. If you’re on a Greek island, you will never be far from a beach bar or nightclub. Your wedding party should always be something to be remembered and there is no place like Greece to do just that.

The beaches

The beaches all look so different and therefore so unique. Some have crystal blue waters, while others are more turquoise in colour. Some beaches have soft sand and some are fully covered with seashells. No matter what though, they offer a wonderful backdrop for your wedding.

The views

Greece has, just like France, a great diversity in landscapes. Olive groves, beaches, rugged mountains and rolling hills of white houses... It has it all. So many fashion shoots take place in this country, because of the beautiful, natural backdrop. We bet your photographer will be immensely happy to shoot in Greece!

The history

Greek history is ancient and the entire country is filled with proof of that, even in the places you would least expect it. While subways were being constructed for the Olympic Games, many ancient artifacts were found. Instead of taking them out, they decided to frame them inside the subway walls.

The islands

When you want to get married on an island, Greece is the place to be for you! Island of different shapes, sizes, personalities and possibilities... They are just perfect for a destination wedding. Every island which name ends with –os is a great choice, like Milos, Kos and Mykonos but also Crete, Rhodes and Santorini are definitely worth checking out. Did you know that Greece has over 2.000 islands and only 170 of them are populated?

The Greek people

The Greek people are all incredibly friendly! “Kalimera”

Greeks are incredibly friendly and warm-hearted. If you run into a Greek, there is a big chance they will invite you to drink some Ouzos with them. Also the employees of the venues all share the same mentality: you are the guest and you should be spoiled... all...the...time!

The climate

Greece has one of the nicest climates in Europe. This country has over 250 sunny days each year. Also, the winters have a lot milder climate in Greece than in other countries in Europe.

And if we are a little more forward, Greece is considered to be the most sexually active country in the world. If you want to make sure your wedding night is a succes, getting married in Greece might just have the influence you need.

TIP: A lot of seasonal businesses, including hotels, are closed from November to March.

The official ceremony

The largest benefit about getting married at Greece is that there is no residency requirements. The process to (legally) get married in Greece can take multiple weeks though to arrange.

Civil ceremony

First of all, you will have to post a notice of the intent to marry in the newspaper local to the venue. You can ask the city hall to perform this task. Once the intent to marry is completed, you are ready to receive your civil marriage license after 7 days. Also in Greece, you need to have 2 witnesses. You will also need a translator if no one speaks Greek because the ceremony itself will be in Greek.

Religious ceremony

Having a religious ceremony offers more of a challenge, but it is not completely out of reach. Depending on your faith, certain certificates must be presented. For example, when you are a Roman Catholic, these certificates must include a certification of baptism, conformation and the freedom to marry. We advise you to contact your own priest or rabbi for help and information, and to have a Greek religious officiant to perform the actual ceremony.

The most beautiful places to get married in Greece


When you picture Greece, it will probably look a lot like Santorini. A coast full of white Grecian villas up to the hills. The contrasting blue touches to the stark white houses match the blue sea perfectly and offer the picture-perfect background for your Greek Wedding.

Corfu (Achillion Palace)

If you are looking for a historic and decadent destination wedding, the Achillion Palace might be the right place for you. Next to that, Corfu also has a cute historic town center built in a beautiful Venetian style.


Crete is the largest Greek island and it offers a very diverse landscape. Chapels, beaches, forts and farms; Crete has it all.


Gorgeous natural scenery to the max. Beautiful golden beaches, traditional monasteries and villages make Rhodes the perfect destination wedding island!

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