Why would you choose to get married in Great-Britain?

Great-Britain might not be your first choice as a wedding destination, but if you are looking for an elegant country wedding, an edgy rock ‘n roll wedding or a romantic scenery wedding, Britain is definitely the place to be.

The great variety of landscapes

Forces of nature like wind, water and ice, have formed the UK. The country offers an amazing variety of landscapes within relatively short distances of each other. The UK is probably not your first thought to have a beach wedding, because of the weather, but in England you are never more than 2 hours away from the beach. Not really a beach wedding kind of girl? The rolling hills, farmlands, wild heaths and moors, lakes or valleys could be more suitable for your destination wedding.

The great cities

If you really like a city wedding, the UK is also the place to be. Everybody knows (and probably adores) London, according to us also one of the world’s greatest cities. But there are also other really nice cities in the UK like Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Glasgow.

The pubs

The UK is known all over the world for its pubs so, of course, we couldn’t leave them out of this list. They are more than just a place to eat and drink. They are the bars where all British people come together, seeking fun and happiness. The names of the pubs tell stories, often linked to local history. Great for a big wedding party in the British style!

The architecture

England has the most beautiful and biggest castles. But aside to that, you can also become speechless by the view of thatched cottages, stately mansions and soaring cathedrals.


Do we really need to explain this one? Shakespeare is probably the most known and well-loved authors when it comes to grand romances. But there are more legacies from England like Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens, William Wordsworth, Jane Austen and Robert Burns to name just a few.

The gardens

Botanical weddings are hot and happening! And there simply is no better place to have this theme come to life than in England. From as early as the 17th century, the gentlemen and lady horticulturalists explored locales to bring back rare plant specimens. Due to the relatively mild climate and taste for landscapes of gardener Lancelot Brown, England has a bouquet of beautiful and breath-taking gardens.

The royals

Don’t we all want to be Kate Middleton and have a wedding like hers? The Royal Family of England is one we could watch all the time. So sophisticated, kind and beautiful. Their homes, their events, comings and goings are always a spectacle.

The official part

Civil ceremony

The requirements for a wedding in England are far more strict than in many other countries. You should be wed at an approved location for the ceremony to be valid. For a civil ceremony, you must visit the registrar between 1 year and 16 days before your marriage and you need to make an appointment with a designated registrar office. In England, there is also a residency requirement. You need to have lived in England for 7-10 days before your registrar appointment.

Church wedding

To get married in an Anglican church, there must be a connection to a parish. This is a very difficult option for many people who live abroad. You will also need to apply for a Common License. If you really want to get married at church, but you don’t have any connection with one, there is one more possibility. You will need to follow the civil registration process and get permission from the vicar. Be prepared though, he can always ask for evidence of your association with the Anglican church.

The most beautiful places to get married in Britain

Lake District

Looking for a green countryside wedding? The Lake District is the place to be! Some of Britain’s finest scenery and grandest views can be found in the Lake District. It has picturesque lakes, woodlands and valleys that offer the perfect background for your woodland wedding.


We simply cannot skip London in this list. Probably you don’t even need an explanation, but we are happy to give you one. The colossal buildings, the buzzing life, the artists everywhere, the themes and the kind people will make your wedding truly unforgettable.


Are you looking for a beach scenery? Go to Cornwall. It not only has 300 miles of dunes and cliffs, but also medieval harbours, forests and creeks.


You will never get bored in this lovely city. This place is great for a bohemian wedding. There are a lot of offbeat designers, flea markets and parks with traditional cafés. This electric city will not disappoint you!


There is no place in Europe like God’s Own County. People say Yorkshire has the best food and drinks in whole England. The scenery is beautiful and has inspired many painters.

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