Why choose to get married in Italy?

The beautiful buildings and fountains

The typical Italian beautiful fountains on big public squares and in front of beautiful buildings is probably our no. 1 reason to get married in Italy. The Trevi fountain is, of course, the most known and the most popular but there are other beautiful fountains in probably every Italian city. Even if you are not religious at all, you will also appreciate the Duomo’s. In Rome alone, there are more than 900 churches. It’s impossible to deny the beauty and grandeur of the Vatican.

The food

Do we really need to explain? Italian cuisine is strongly influenced by traditions and local history. The food is structured in the same way all over Italy: antipasto (selection of cold and hot appetizers), primo (carbohydrates, usually a plate of pasta, risotto, gnocchi, polenta or soup), secondo (the main dish that consists of seafood or meat) and dolce (dessert). Speaking of desserts, you simply cannot be in Italy without having a gelato every day!

The drinks

Of course, everyone knows the delicious Italian cuisine. But the drinks cannot be forgotten either. When life hands you lemons, make limoncello. At least, that is what the Italians would say! Italy, however, also has endless vineyards which add to the beauty of the country but also a great tradition of good wines. Serve your guests wine during dinner and limoncello as a nightcap and everyone will be extremely happy.

The Fiats & Vespa’s

We all love them and in Italy you see them everywhere you go...  It would be wonderful to arrive at your wedding on a Vespa together and you can keep it to explore the beautiful country in the days after the wedding. How you arrive is more important than when you arrive, so make sure you do it in style!

The language

It really doesn’t matter what an Italian says when he’s speaking, because it always sounds romantic and beautiful. Why do you think Mozart composed most of this operas in Italian rather than in German? It sounds like music when they’re talking. The Italian language is also the closest to Latin, the common ancestor of all romance languages.

The literature

We all want to love like Romeo and Juliet, although with a more fairytale ending of course. Italy is entwined with fables, fairytales and beautiful love stories. Write your own love story by having a beautiful wedding in this country and adding it to their history.

The Italian people

The Italians have very good taste! There is a reason grooms all over de world are getting married in an Italian suit... It doesn't matter if it's clothes, cards or coffees, whatever the Italians do, they always do it in style. They are also a warm and welcoming people and they love to relax.

Family and tradition are very important to the people who live in Italy. As you’re walking on the streets, you hear laughter, running and playing. Generations of families live nearby or under the same roof making it easy to spend time together.

The contrast

Italy is only a unified nation since 1861. However, it’s like there are twenty countries instead due to the contrast in landscape and architecture. The benefit of choosing Italy for your destination wedding, is that you have so many different styles and landscapes to choose from!

The official wedding

Having a legal ceremony in Italy isn’t very easy, so prepare yourself for a lot of paperwork. It is manageable, don’t worry, just get started and it will all be worth it!

First of all, there is no official residency requirement for civil ceremonies in Italy (yes!). Both civil and Catholic ceremonies are legally binding. A civil ceremony can only take place at the local town hall and buildings manages by the city. Luckily, these places include some beautiful palaces, castles and villas. The list of outdoor venues is growing as well.

TIP: do not apply for certificates and documents more than 6 months before the wedding. They will expire under Italian regulations and you will have to start all over again. Also important, the original documents will need to be in Italian. The translation must be done by an agency verified by the Italian Consulate.

A couple of beautiful places to get married in Italy


Probably no surprise that this one is on top of our list. Tuscany has it all: castles, vineyards and beautiful green hills. When thinking of a destination wedding, the Tuscan scenery of a beautiful country villa set against the vineyards with a breathtaking view, is probably one of the first images that will pop into your mind.

Amalfi coast

Amalfi has a very beautiful coastline. It also has picturesque cliff-top towns which will form a beautiful backdrop to your beach wedding. The nearby island of Capri is also a beautiful place for a destination wedding.


Venice is probably the most famous spot in Italy for couples in live. And therefore, also the city in Italy where the most foreign people get married. Venice is also lovely as a background for your engagement pictures.


Rome is, of course, the second most popular city in Italy to get married. Who wouldn’t want to say their vows in front of some of the world’s most famous monuments and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain for good (wedding) luck?

Cinque Terre

This beautiful place is on the Lingurian coastline and is great for a cliff-top setting for your wedding without needing to travel further south. In the national park, you can choose between five different villages, each with their own characteristics, as a backdrop for your wedding.


Move over Tuscany, because Puglia is the new place to be for weddings! The beauty of Puglia cannot be expressed in words, and yet tourism is a lot less in Puglia than any of the other places mentioned above. If you are looking for a hidden gem, Puglia is the best choice for you!

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