Planning a destination wedding in Europe is not easy. There are simply so many beautiful wedding destinations to choose from. To make this choice easier for you, we have listed our top 5 wedding destinations in Europe (and the last one might be quite surprising).


When you think of Spain, images of Flamenco dancing, fiestas and bull fighting will probably cross your mind. Especially the fiestas are well-known, with the hundreds of festivals taking place throughout the year. Combine that with wide golden beaches, daring modern architecture, sophisticated cities and delicious food, and you’ll have the perfect ingredients for your destination wedding.

Did you know that Spain is Europe’s second most mountainous country, after Switzerland? Beautiful wedding photos are guaranteed! But don’t forget the beaches, of course. Spain has more than eight thousand km of coastline. Plenty of space for your guests right? While you’re standing barefoot on the beach with your wedding dress on, you will be very likely to have the sun in your face. Summer often lingers a little bit longer in Spain than in other European countries.

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They say “all roads lead to Rome…” but does your wedding road lead there too? It’s very difficult not to fall in love with Italy. The Italian people really have wonderful food (pizza or pasta anyone?), they always put family first and there is always a healthy dose of summer sun.

There are very few countries in Europe that can keep up with Italy when it comes to beauty and romance. Who doesn’t want to get married in a city filled with breathtaking art? The architecture of Rome, the galleries of Florence and the natural scenes at the Amalfi Coast are the best backdrops any wedding couple can wish for.

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Audrey Hepburn says: “Paris is always a good idea”, but this beautiful country has way more to offer than just Paris. Looking for a wedding in the snow between mountains? France has it. Looking for a wedding at a vineyard with delicious wine? Again, France has it. Rather a beach wedding? Consider getting married in Marseille, Grace or Nice.

The diversity of landscapes in France make this country perfect for your destination wedding. We all love champagne (a French drink) and since it is the number one drink to say cheers at weddings, that alone should be reason enough to get married in France.

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Greece has two big benefits compared to the other European countries. The first advantage is that winters are very mild, and there are more than 250 sunny days each year. The second is that there is no residency required for a wedding ceremony.

Those are important benefits, but the beauty of Greece is an even bigger advantage. When you think of Greece, you probably see beautiful white houses up to the hills, surrounded by a bright, blue sea. This can be the backdrop for you wedding. Honestly, who wouldn’t want that? And on top of that, you can spoil your guest with fresh food, something the Greeks do better than any other European people.


While you can compare Greece, Italy and Spain on some level, there simply is no other place in Europe that is quite like England. The old castles, green landscapes and traditional pubs make this place simply unique. Not every bride will fall in love with it instantly but you should definitely consider getting married in this beautiful country.

What is not to love? It has big and vibrant cities like London, Manchester and Glasglow. Great for a fashion-minded city wedding. But it also has great landscapes filled with greeneries, farms and the renowned English gardens.

Make us feel like Kate Middleton!

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